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A financial adviser can help you make important decisions about your financial future and aspirations.

But it’s vitally important that you take time to choose the right financial adviser for you, your family or your business. You need to be sure that any financial adviser or wealth management company you choose is actually the right one for your needs and goals.

Before you talk to an adviser, make sure you have a good stock of information with you about your financial situation and aspirations, such as savings, the value of any property you might own, the state of your business and other relevant details. The more prepared you are, the more you will benefit.

Financial Adviser

Is The Financial Adviser Authorised By The Industry Regulators?

All advisers have to be registered before they are authorised to provide financial advice. The regulators protect consumers, uphold standards and protect the integrity of the market.

Sage Wealth Management is of course fully approved and authorised. We go much further than that to assure clients that they are right to place their faith in us.

In addition to offering a best-in-class range of services backed by St. James’s Place Wealth Management – one of the UK’s most trusted wealth management companies – Sage is dedicated to developing strong long-term relationships with clients rooted in the desire to help them achieve their financial goals.

What Qualifications And Experience Do They Have?

Financial Advisers must be qualified to Level 4 or above on the Qualifications and Credit Framework, which is the equivalent to the first year of a UK university degree.

They also need to have an annual Statement of Professional Standing (SPS).

Any Financial Adviser you’re considering using must be qualified to advise clients on important issues like Estate Planning, Financial & Investment Advice, Retirement Planning, Effective Tax Planning or Pensions.

Sage’s advisers have all the requisite qualifications. Furthermore, Sage Wealth Management Director and founder Michael Sage was awarded the title of Chartered Financial Planner (CFP) by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) in 2018. The CII’s Chartered Financial Planner qualification is the widely accepted ‘gold standard’ for professional financial planners and financial advisers.

Financial advisers that hold Chartered Financial Planner status are considered to be the most experienced and qualified in the profession.

Only a select number of financial advisers or financial planners in the UK have achieved Chartered Financial Planner status.


What Type Of Advice Does The Financial Adviser Offer?

Before speaking to a financial adviser, it’s important to understand the range of financial advice that they are able to give you.

While they might offer advice on Pensions, for instance, they might not specialise in Estate Planning. Do you really want to use a number of different financial advice firms? Wouldn’t it be better to deal with a trusted financial advice firm that can guide you on a broad variety of matters?

As part of St. James’s Place Wealth Management – one of the UK’s leading and most trusted wealth management organisations – Sage Wealth Management is pleased to offer a comprehensive financial advice package to clients in all aspects of financial planning.

We are therefore in a great position to offer advice relating to Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Financial & Investment Advice, Effective Tax Planning, Pensions and other matters.

What Services Does The Financial Adviser Offer?

Typically, somebody looking for financial advice would contact an adviser or firm in advance to arrange a no obligation one-on-one consultation.

During this meeting, the financial adviser will ask questions about the potential client’s needs and aspirations, assess their circumstances and use that information to formulate an agreed financial plan.

Going back to credentials, it may be that a financial adviser you’re considering isn’t best-suited to give you the guidance you need.

The services that firms or advisers offer can vary considerably, from simple advice around something as relatively straightforward as an individual savings account (ISA) to a much broader and more complex range of financial planning services that will require the adviser to take a more strategic approach to your investment needs and recommend an all-encompassing plan.

A financial adviser must clearly explain if they specialise in certain areas, whether that be shares, funds, insurance products or similar.

You can find out which personal and corporate financial advice Sage Wealth Management offers just by visiting our website – our comprehensive range of services are clearly signposted.

Corporate Financial Adviser

Will The Financial Adviser Provide A Truly Personal Service?

A financial advice firm may say that it offers a personal level of service, but does it really?

Will you deal with the same adviser every time? If not, how will they get to really know you, your financial goals and attitude to risk? What kinds of investments are you comfortable with, and which are you less keen on?

Not dealing with the same trusted adviser on a consistent basis could leave you feeling dissatisfied.

And will you get to meet the adviser face-to-face? Or, at the very least in this time of social distancing, get to interact with them on video conference calls? Or will all their financial advice be proffered by phone or, more impersonally, via email?

At Sage Wealth Management, we pride ourselves on delivering not only a truly personal offering but, moreover, a level of valued advice and service that is bespoke to you and your financial goals.

We really get to know you, your financial situation and aspirations. And, as a firm, Sage Wealth Management has years and years of combined experience in skilfully delivering valued advice.

We work closely with all of our clients to build a relationship based on trust and an in-depth understanding of their personal and/or business finances.

Your truly personal financial adviser will regularly review your circumstances and financial planning strategy, and a cornerstone of our commitment to service is a promise to meet each client on an annual basis, or more often if required.

Speak To A Trusted Financial Adviser Today

Please get in touch with us if you are looking for a local financial adviser based in the North East (we have offices in Chester-le-Street, Alnwick, Hexham and Darlington) that will deliver a comprehensive and personal service to help you achieve those future financial goals.

Many financial advice companies will offer what is known as an ‘off the shelf’ solution, which are generic solutions that are not tailored to individual needs. The advisers at Sage Wealth Management, on the other hand, get to really understand you, your situation and your goals. We then work with you to create a financial plan that is truly bespoke to you and your aspirations.

We also want you to feel as comfortable as possible when discussing your financial situation and goals, so we’re happy to meet you (social distancing measures allowing) at your home, place of work, on the golf course or wherever else you might feel the most relaxed.

Call us on 0191 731 4539 to book an appointment or email Michael.sage@sjpp.co.uk for more information – we’ll be more than happy to help.

The value of an investment with St. James’s Place will be directly linked to the performance of the funds you select and the value can therefore go down as well as up.  You may get back less than you invested.

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