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Retirement panning

It’s something we all think about at some point during our working days. It might happen when you’re standing waiting for your orning bus on a dark winter morning, or when you’re on holiday (remember those?!) – but at some point we all ask ourselves, at what age can I retire?

I was having a conversation with a friend recently and he made an off-hand comment that he was already counting the days until he could retire at 68 (the age his pension paperwork stated). I explained to him that despite the fact his paperwork stated a specific retirement age, he does actually have options around his retirement and that he might actually be able to retire sooner or access his pension fund earlier than he thinks (which will be music to a lot of people’s ears I’m sure!) We spent some time looking at his paperwork and it turns out he had a lot more flexibility in his
pension plans than he first realised. We worked out the best option for him, which included looking at retirement dates and the most effective way for him to receive his pension funds.

I’m sure this conversation will resonate with many people. If you would like to discuss your retirement and pension options, please get in touch. Many financial companies will offer what is known as an ‘off the shelf’ solution and although such options can be affordable, they are generic solutions that are not tailored to individual needs. At Sage Wealth Management Ltd, our services are
fully bespoke. This means that our financial services are fully tailored to your needs.

Email me on jonathan.lancashire@sjpp.co.uk or call 01665 667078 to book an appointment with me at our Alnwick Office and I’ll be more than happy to help.

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