Vision, Values & Mission


Financial Consultant


Our vision is to be the North East’s most trusted and client focused Wealth Management Practice


  • To help you and your family support a sustainable future
  • To help keep your family’s money within the family
  • To ensure managing your money is as stress free as possible, so that you have more time to enjoy life
  • To offer businesses adaptable, financial advice for the full lifespan of the organisation, so that it can achieve its full potential
  • To make sure every employee within an organisation has access to the best financial options possible, which suit their individual lifestyle
  • Enable business owners to run and or sell their businesses and achieve the most efficient monetary return

Vulnerable Clients

We are dedicated to providing the very best service to every client. We understand that sometimes there are times in life where any of us have the potential to experience periods of vulnerability which may be because of many different factors for example, ill health, age, loss of income, bereavement or divorce. Our aim is to ensure that all clients continue to be treated fairly and appropriately during these periods and we will discuss any individual requirements that may be needed. Please feel free to speak to us in confidence at any time.